At Medfirst Homecare, keeping you mobile and independent is our top priority. We offer a wide selection of electric wheelchairs to fit any need, from portable models for travel to full-sized wheelchairs for added power and stability.

We also provide heavy-duty options for higher weight capacities.
Check or Guide to Choosing a Motorized Wheelchair.

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Guide to Choosing a Motorized Wheelchair

Whether you’re replacing an existing power chair or shopping for your first electric wheelchair, Medfirst Homecare has the selection and expertise to ensure you get the right one. Understanding the features and applications of different models helps you choose the best fit.

Travel/Portable: Designed for portability and compact spaces, these wheelchairs disassemble easily for transport. They’re ideal for apartments, stores, and travel, with components that are light and manageable for lifting.

Folding Wheelchairs: Combining portability with full-time use, these models have adaptable seating, full-coverage armrests, and supportive backrests. They fit easily into car trunks for convenient transport.

Full-Size: Built for daily use, these durable wheelchairs are maneuverable with joystick controllers. Center wheel drive models have the tightest turning radius, perfect for indoor use. Front and rear wheel drive models excel in outdoor use and on inclines.

Heavy-Duty: For users ranging from 300 lbs to 650 lbs, these wheelchairs come in various styles, including folding and center-wheel drive, providing robust support and durability.

Elevating: These full-size wheelchairs can raise and lower the seat, enabling face-to-face conversations and access to higher items. They perform best indoors or on smooth surfaces.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer travel/portable, folding, full-size, heavy-duty, and elevating power wheelchairs to meet a variety of needs.

Consider factors like portability, weight capacity, and intended use (indoor/outdoor). Our guide provides detailed information to help you decide.

Yes, especially travel/portable and folding models, which disassemble or fold to fit into car trunks or cargo areas.

Full-size power wheelchairs are durable, highly maneuverable, and suitable for everyday use with various drive types for different needs.

Yes, we provide heavy-duty wheelchairs designed for higher weight capacities, supporting users from 300 lbs to 650 lbs.

Elevating power wheelchairs can raise and lower the seat, allowing users to have face-to-face conversations and reach higher items while remaining seated.

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