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5-Star Wheelchair Rentals in New Jersey and New York

Need a mobility solution? Explore our range of wheelchairs and medical equipment for rent. Perfect for travel or recovery periods. Fast, easy, and budget-friendly!

Wheelchair rental offer flexible mobility solutions, especially useful in New Jersey and New York. Whether you need a wheelchair for a short trip, recovery, or while waiting for a permanent solution, renting is economical and convenient. Our range includes standard, reclining, and heavy-duty wheelchairs, catering to different needs and terrains, ensuring comfort and reliability during your rental period.

Wheelchair Rental Guide

  • Short-Term Mobility Needs: If you or a loved one is recovering from surgery or an injury and needs temporary mobility assistance.
  • Traveling: Ideal for trips where bringing a personal wheelchair is impractical.
  • Waiting for Insurance Approval: Rent a wheelchair while waiting for insurance to approve a permanent one.
  • Special Events: Weddings, conventions, or any event where extended mobility is needed.
  • Test Before Purchase: To try different models before buying one.
  • Variety: We offer standard, transport, reclining, and heavy-duty wheelchairs, each serving different needs. Renting allows you to choose the best fit for your situation.

Differences Between Wheelchairs and Power Wheelchairs

Manual Wheelchairs: Require physical strength or assistance for movement. They are lighter, more portable, and generally less expensive.

Power Wheelchairs: Battery-operated, offering independence to users with limited mobility or strength. They are heavier, require charging, and are usually more expensive.

Maximizing Comfort and Safety with Our Wheelchair Rental

Understanding the importance of comfort and safety while using our wheelchairs is central to our service. Every wheelchair rental comes with a comprehensive guide that includes tips on optimal usage, maintenance, and safety practices. This ensures that you get the most out of your experience, regardless of the duration of your rental.

Our team is dedicated to providing support and advice, ensuring you select the right wheelchair for your specific needs. We believe that a well-chosen wheelchair is more than just a mobility tool; it’s a means to enhance independence, comfort, and quality of life.

Personalized Assessments for Optimal Fit: We offer personalized assessments to match you with the perfect wheelchair. This includes evaluating the user’s physical condition, mobility requirements, and the environment where the wheelchair will be primarily used. By considering these factors, we ensure that each rental is as comfortable and effective as possible.

Accessory Options for Enhanced Comfort: To further customize your experience, we provide a range of accessories such as cushioned seats, adjustable backrests, and leg rests. These accessories are designed to provide additional support and comfort, especially for extended use.

Safety First Approach: Safety is our top priority. Our wheelchairs are regularly maintained and checked for safety. We also provide training on how to safely use and navigate different terrains, ensuring a worry-free experience for both first-time users and experienced individuals.

Responsive Customer Service: Should any questions or concerns arise during your rental period, our responsive customer service team is just a call away. We are committed to ensuring your rental experience is not only convenient but also empowering.

By extending these services, we aim to create a supportive and understanding environment for all our clients. Remember, choosing the right wheelchair can significantly impact your daily life and we’re here to help make that decision as easy and beneficial as possible.


1. What types of wheelchairs are available for rent?

Standard, transport, reclining, and heavy-duty wheelchairs.

2. Can I rent a wheelchair for just a day?

Yes, daily rentals are available.

3. Is it possible to rent a wheelchair for travel?

Absolutely, perfect for travel needs.

4. Are your wheelchairs suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, especially our heavy-duty models.

5. Do you offer delivery and pick-up services?

Yes, for an additional charge.

6. What are the rental rates?

They vary based on type and rental period. Please click the following link for more details: https://medfirsthomecare.com/wheelchairs-rental/

7. Can I rent a wheelchair for someone recovering from surgery?

Yes, it’s ideal for recovery periods.

8. Do you offer customizable wheelchairs?

Our manual wheelchairs have adjustable features.

9. What is the weight capacity of your wheelchairs?

It ranges from 250 to 350 lbs, depending on the model.

10. How do I return the rented wheelchair?

Arrange for pick-up or return it to our store.

11. Are your wheelchairs easy to transport?

Yes, especially our transport chairs.

12. Can I extend the rental period?

Yes, contact us to arrange it.

13. Do you offer wheelchairs for heavy-duty use?

Yes, our heavy-duty wheelchairs are ideal for rugged terrain.

14. Are there any additional costs for wheelchair accessories?

Yes, accessories may incur additional charges.

15. Is it possible to rent a reclining wheelchair?

Yes, we offer reclining wheelchairs for extra comfort​​​​​​​​​​.

16. Explore our customer testimonials to see why we’re the trusted choice for wheelchair rentals in New Jersey.

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