Purchase Hospital Bed Trapeze Bars In East Rutherford, Stateabbr

Trapeze Bars are available for sale throughout the Bergen County area. Trapeze Bars are designed to hang above a bed so that a patient can move themselves and help to assist individuals transferring themselves in and out of bed. For more information about buying a Trapeze bar from Medfirst Homecare, give us a call at 201-385-9700.

Free Standing Bed Trapeze

Trapeze Bar For Sale in East Rutherford, NJ. A bed trapeze is used to assist patients with repositioning or getting in or out of bed. The use of this medical device encourages patient involvement and independence, all while assisting caregivers in their work. Made of durable materials this trapeze is designed and built for long service life. Call 201-385-9700 to learn more.

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