Back Warmer Pad

  • Back Warmer Pad
~ 1,000Gram

Back Warmer Pad Description

The Back Warmer Pad is one of our best sellers, providing over an hour of heat before gradually cooling down to room temperature. It fits perfectly in the small of the back when sitting or across the upper back when lying down. The Back Warmer Pad can come with an optional cloth pouch, holding heat longer, while allowing the pad to be strapped to specific areas of the body - without constricting mobility.

Quick and easy to use, the Back Warmer Pad is the next generation of hot water bottles and traditional heat pads. Totally versatile, the Back Warmer can be used on many parts of the body – wherever heat relief is needed.

The most amazing feature, in comparison to other pads on the market, is that this pad can travel with you – providing you with instant heat relief when you need it – in the car, train, boat or in the hotel room. Excellent relief for:
Back pain.
Menstruation pain.
Spine and Lumbar area pains.
Arms, Legs, hands, knees and elbows pain.

Unit Size: 40X14(CM)
Weight: ~ 1,000Gram

How To Use:

To Start Using Heat In a Click:

  1. Flex metal disc back and forth until you see crystals form and the pad begins to warm up.
  2. Knead pad to soften.

Reusing The Pad.

  1. Boil a pot of water.
  2. Place a cloth at the bottom of the pot.
  3. Place the pad on the cloth inside the pot and continue to boil the water until all crystals are dissolved and the pad in completely clear.
  4. When the pad is completely clear, (only liquid remains), take it out of the water using plastic tongs, and place it on a cloth or counter area to cool down.
  5. Please notice: All crystals must be dissolved in order for the pad to be stored in its original state. If not perfectly clear, a chain reaction will begin and the pad will stay in its heated form. Carefully hold the pad against a light to make sure no crystals left. If crystals start forming while the pad is cooling, repeat steps 1, 2 and 3.
  6. When the pad cools down, it is ready to be reused.

Do not microwave.

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