Medical Equipment Purchasing Guide

Choosing the Right Medical Equipment in New Jersey and New York: Renting vs Buying

Navigating the transition from a hospital back to your home can introduce unexpected hurdles. One quickly realizes how much hospitals are designed for patient accessibility – a feature we often miss when we return to our usual environment. It can be startling to discover the need for certain quality-of-life items, particularly when hospitals do not equip you with these necessities or provide a checklist for home care.

This gap in post-hospital care was a primary motivator for us when we founded Medfirst Homecare. We achieve this by offering both rental and purchase options for different medical equipment. However, this presents an important question for our customers: Should they rent or buy medical equipment?

Identifying Your Needs

The type and duration of your need for medical equipment will significantly influence the decision to rent or buy.

Short-Term Recovery

If your recovery period is short-term (1-4 weeks), equipment rentals such as walking aids or wheeled walkers are likely the most cost-effective option. There’s no need to invest heavily in an item that will serve its purpose within a few weeks.

Long-Term Recovery

If your recovery period stretches beyond four weeks, the decision between renting and purchasing becomes a bit more nuanced. In such cases, the buyout price vs the rental price of disability equipment becomes a significant consideration, especially when looking at electric or motorized medical equipment like mobility scooters or power lift recliners.

A general guideline for long-term mobility needs is as follows: if you require a manually operated mobility aid for over a month, it is usually more economical to purchase. Conversely, if you need a motorized or electric item, renting often makes more sense financially.

Lifelong Needs

For those with lifelong requirements for assistance, purchasing is typically the best option. However, there are circumstances where renting can be advantageous, like when planning a vacation or attending an all-day event. In such scenarios, opting for mobility aid rentals or a transport chair can save you significant funds.

Why Choose Medfirst Homecare?

At Medfirst Homecare, we are committed to providing top-tier medical equipment for both rental and purchase. Whether you’re considering a rascal rental, electric chair rental, or seeking mobility rentals near you, we offer an extensive range of options. From semi-electrical beds, geri chairs, powered patient lifts, and much more, our extensive selection of rental medical equipment is designed to make your transition from hospital to home as smooth as possible.

Located in New Jersey, we are perfectly situated to serve both New Jersey and New York. We take pride in our ability to deliver equipment directly to our customers, ensuring that you receive what you need, when you need it.